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The Speedfloor Steel Joist System

The Speedfloor Steel Joist System is right at home in an architecturally designed home on the Mt Maunganui waterfront.

Utilising the Vertex 3D BIM Modelling software, designers are able to easily integrate frames, structural steel and the Speedfloor system into complex 2 storey designs. Allowances for plumbing, electrical and mechanical services can be accommodated by the services holes or voids in the sections pre-punched during the roll forming process.

Bolt holes and shear connectors in the perimeter channel are also pre-punched eliminating proprietary brackets speeding up the build on site. Our pre-engineered span tables and connection details make specification of the correct joist size and spacing efficient and easy.

Cantilevers up to 2.0 meters and spans up to 6.9 are achievable. All Joists arrive on site cut to length ready to be installed. They are lighter than equivalent timber sections and reduce waste onsite. All this combined with the comfort of using NZ Axxis Steel for framing makes choosing the Speedfloor system a wise decision for your next build.