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TV3 Grand Designs – 45 Degree House


Architect Nic Ballara designed a house for his family that is described as being a back pack hanging from a 45 degree cliff face, The house is cantilevered and supported by 11 rock anchors that are drilled back in to the cliff. In order to reduce the weight of the building Nic choose to use Light weight steel framing for the walls and floors of the building. Our partners Frametek provided the Axxis steel framing and incorporated our Speedfloor Steel Floor Joist System for the floors and roof rafters.

Check out the link to see video footage of the building. Our joists start to appear in the structure from the 29th minute of the episode.

For more information on the Steel Joist System go to

The building is also shown on BBC Architects website!45-degree-house/z0dv8

All images courtesy of Grand Designs New Zealand

Below are a few images from the episode showing the Speedfloor Steel Floor Joist System.

Below are a few images from the episode showing the AXXIS® Steel Framing.