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We roll steel for you

Custom roll formed profiles and building systems for your industry. Rollforming Services deliver larger spans, reduced weight and ease of installation combined with less waste and reduced labour costs.

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Rollforming Services

Rollforming Services have unsurpassed knowledge and passion for producing roll formed steel profiles. Set up in 1996 as a contract roll forming company with the technical design and build backing of Howick Ltd, one of New Zealand’s most innovative roll forming machine producers. We continue to provide fast, friendly service to all our customers.

Custom Profiles

Rollforming Services offer a custom roll forming service where we can tool up a machine to do limited runs of your custom profile as you need it.

Tophat Purlins

Rollforming Services Tophat Purlins are a versatile, lightweight, economical and an easy to use product for roof purlins, wall girts, floor joists, carports, fencing and many of other applications.

Top Hat

Bird Proof Purlins

Specifically designed as a replacement for Timber beams where larger spans are required. Boxed Purlins can be incorporated into C Purlin Portal Shed and Timber Pole Shed designs with ease.

30mm Ceiling Battens

Rollforming Services Ceiling and Roof Battens Direct Screw or Clip Fix Batten is designed as a direct replacement for timber battens for both internal ceiling and wall linings as well as light weight steel roofing and wall cladding systems.

30mm & 40mm Residential Roof Purlins

Rollforming Services 30mm and 40mm Roof Purlins are a direct replacement for timber purlins. They are light weight, dimensionally stable, accurate and straight.

150mm Framing Profiles

Rollforming Services 150mm Framing is run from AXXIS® Steel for Framing using the latest Howick Frama H600 framing machine. So you know your framing is strong, straight and built to last.

Steel Joist Profiles

Rollforming Services Steel joist system is an engineered solution providing exceptional performance and construction efficiency.

Whether its mezzanine floors in commercial buildings or portal framed sheds, platforms for industrial structures, residential sub floors on piles and bearers or for transportable units, the Speedfloor steel joist system is the smart choice.


Faster, Lighter, Easier

Speedfloor is a suspended concrete flooring system using roll formed steel joist as an integral part of the final concrete and steel composite floor.

Garage Door Profiles

Rollforming Services have a range of antisags suitable for use on tilt and sectional garage doors. They fit most makes of garage doors.

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