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Sheds 4 U – Goat Shed – Bird Proof Purlins

Sheds 4 U – Goat Shed – Bird Proof Purlins


Simon has been farming goats for the past 10 years and was looking to take his farm to the next level. It is important to keep goats milk free from parasites as it is used in baby formula. To achieve this the goats need to be eating feed that is free of effluent and bird droppings.

To achieve this the best method of farming is to create a covered shed for the goats that are also birdproof, reducing the perching and nesting points within its structure. The farmer can then grow the feed in his paddocks and bring it into the barn when required. This also provides a better yield of milk solids as the animals don’t dehydrate or walk around as much out of the weather.



The timber poles provide a solid structure for the shed which gets away from needing to protect the portal legs from tractors or effluent.
They did introduce a challenge as far as measuring for the steel components as the poles aren’t all the same size.

Maintaining bird proofing meant that mesh and roof underlay needed to be removed, even bracing needed to be changed. The Portal connections are made more tricky as you don’t want to crush them with bolts.
Like any good kiwi project, Simon was on a budget. He employed local shed builder Ryan Billings to Project Manage and employed a number of local friends and farmers alike to assist in the build and looking at the finish they have had no problems turning a concept into reality.



The kit was supplied to the owner by Sheds4U. They have come up with a clean simple design.

The building brings together Boxed C Purlin portals, timber pole posts, Birdproof Purlins, and typical commercial roofing. The building is set over soil rather than a slab.



Simon was happy with the way the building was coming together.

Ryan has been building steel and timber sheds for years, he has experience with most systems. He was impressed by the Birdproof Purlins and can see many opportunities to use them in the future.



If you would like to specify Bird Proof Purlins in your next project we have a Span calculator that will give you your Profile, Spacing, Span capability for a range of Building Categories, and Building Types to assist your building engineer in the design of your building. This is supported by the Section Properties and Engineering calculations document. Bird Proof Purlins are manufactured using AXXIS® Steel and are covered by New Zealand Steels Durability Statement so you know they will stand the test of time in New Zealand conditions. The High tensile steel provides ample pull out KN for all applications. As a standard BPP are manufactured using Z275 Galv coated steel or Z450 Galv coated steel upon request.