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Rollforming Services – BPP Birdproof Purlins

Rollforming Services – BPP Birdproof Purlins

After 12 months of Research and Development all the hard work is about to come to fruition. The BPP150 Purlins are strapped up ready to go to site down in Whakatane. The 32x16m Herringbone Cowshed needs to be Birdproof for hygiene reasons.

When we provided our BPP solution to the shed builder he jumped at the chance to be the first to use our purpose designed product. His experience in building dairy buildings over the years with the likes of Timber, Extruded Box sections and C Purlins mean that he is the perfect person to test our new product.

The Purlins are installed between C Purlin Portals, reducing perching and nesting points usually associated with C Purlin Portal buildings, Lumberlock JH47120 Joist hangers are used for connections. The symmetrical shape of the BPP Purlins also reduces the need for bracing between the Purlins, again reducing perching points in the structure.

Watch this space in the coming weeks to see photos of the building go up, we will get first hand feedback from the builder and his team.